World Cup 2018

Score Card

Always be up to date thanks to VIAGE!

VIAGE has developed a useful tool for you to use during the World Cup. From now on, you'll always be up to date about the live scores, updates per group, FIFA ranking and the World Cup program. How? Very easy! Get your own score card and read the steps bellow to start using it.

How do I use the VIAGE score card?

1. Get your VIAGE score card
2. Scan the QR code on the front and download the free Admented app
3. Use the Admented app to scan the front of the score card
4. All information is waiting for you to be discovered!

Where can I get a VIAGE score card?

Pick up  your score card at one of both entrances of the casino (Boulavard Anspach or Anspach Shopping Center). They can be found in the brochure holders.

Need a lot of them? No problem, order them here for you and your friends and we'll send them by post. Ordering is possible starting from 10 score cards. This is completely free.