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Your membership card now comes with the additional option to collect and use points for food, drinks and other promotions.

Depending on the level you are in, you will have different advantages. You can check them all per level in the info brochure or here on our website.

You can collect points by playing the slots or by being present during certain events.

You can use your points for many things, including free play ( converting points to promotional credits) and for food and drinks at the slots, bar and restaurant. Check out all the running promotions and actions at to the kiosk.

No, you can never buy or sell your points because they have no intrinsic cash value.

Check your points at “your account” on the kiosk or on the little screen of any slot machine by inserting your card.

To keep you updated of all our interesting promotions and events, we need your permission. We only use your data for internal use and to give you the best possible service. You can unsubscribe at any time.

There are several possibilities to order food or drinks with your points. You can order directly from the small screen on your slot machine, at the bar and restaurant you can inform the bar staff you will be paying with points and they will scan your card to deduct the correct amount, or you can go to the kiosk and print the desired coupon. You can also use your membership card as a cash payment card at the slots, bar & restaurant.

Your membership card is only for personal use and you should look after it like you would a debit card. The Casino will not be responsible for any damages suffered due to the theft, abuse or loss of your Card.

You can read the Royal Reward conditions here or ask our staff.

Your points will be valid up to one year from your last visit, as long as there has been some points activity (earning or redemption) on your account during that time.

1 point equals € 0,01 for spending on F&B, merchandise and free play.