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We are an entertainment center in the heart of the city, filled with possibilities to have the day and night of your life. Enjoy yourself at one of our 404 slot machines, learn how to play poker or Blackjack, watch the roulette spin and let yourself be entertained during one of our many special events. Have a cocktail at our cocktail bar or an exquisite meal in our restaurant. We are VIAGE and we will entertain you!

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Mr. Gatsby is back! After a successful first edition Jay Gatsby and his extravagant entourage will once again turn VIAGE into a unique 1920’s spectacle! Missed the first edition? Then book your tickets now and enter the over the top story of Jay Gatsby.

We welcome you to our renewed restaurant to enjoy delicious quality dishes grilled to perfection on an authentic Australian grill of 360°. Smoked, roasted or grilled, VIAGE Grill serves you a true culinary experience in the heart of Brussels!

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Ready for the World Cup

The last warm-up match of our Red Devils is scheduled for next week, after that it’s time for the real deal! The 14th of June, Russia prepares themselves for the big take off and the 18th of June it’s time our Red Devils proof their worth. Are you completely prepared or do you need some

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When you enter VIAGE, the shimmering and colorful slot machines are the first thing that will catch your eye. All those lights, colors, sounds and buttons make it difficult to look away. But how do you start playing these machines? And why should you play them in the first place? Learn all about it with