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We are open from 10 am till 01 am!

Your visit will look familiar but at the same time slightly different. The measures that we must follow for everyone’s safety, sometimes might seem to clash with a feeling of comfort, of pleasure, of simple happiness and the “away-from-the-world feeling” that VIAGE likes to represent. But… to maintain our ‘savoir vivre’, we went through great lengths.

You can enjoy yourself with us from 10 AM until 1 AM. Like our restaurant and bar , the casino will close at 1 am, due to the curfew for the catering industry. Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE is looking forward to offering you once more unforgettable moments full of games and fun. We hope you are looking forward just as much!

Our live casino is open daily from 10 AM till 01 AM.

We are not offering € 2 roulette tables, nor  Caribbean Stud Poker. The Poker room is closed until further notice

Our restaurant - Viage Grill - is also open every day from 18:00 - 01:00. There will be a temporary menu while we prepare a brand new summer menu. Of course you will still be able to enjoy our classic and delicious steakhouse style dishes, prepared on the Australian grill.

Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE will be reopen to the public, in a first stage, the slots machines and bar on Wednesday 1st of July 2020. You can read all the prevention measures and practical information here.

Get inspired by the wondrous world of the casino and read more about all our events, games and much more in our weekly blog!

Viage Poker Face

Poker Face

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 by

Yes, we are closed, and we think – as do you too, hopefully – that is highly regrettable. However, … there is nothing to prevent you from honing your casino skills at home, or from trying out your best poker face in the mirror. Casino games in quarantine – for something a bit different …

Panem et circenses

Thursday, 12 March 2020 by

‘Panem et circenses’ translated as ‘bread and games’ – these are the satirical words used by the Roman poet Juvenalis to challenge the free food and circus performances laid on by the great emperors. As long as people had enough to eat and were kept entertained, they failed to notice the decadence and decay creeping