Membership Agreement - Grand Casino Brussels


Article 1: Obligations

All visitors to Grand Casino Brussels - Viage are obliged to comply with the instructions of the membership agreement. The complete text of the membership agreement is displayed at the entrance of the casino. The terms and conditions of the “Royal Rewards Program” and the dress code are available at reception. The cloakroom rules are displayed at the cloakroom.  All documents can as well be consulted on the website of the casino.

Article 2: Safety and Security

  1. For your safety and ours the building is under continuous video and audio recording and surveillance.
  2. Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions given by authorized staff members of the casino, in the interests of the safety, calm and order of the casino, and in the interests of the orderly, honest and fair playing of the games.
  3. Visitors are obliged to respect the non-smoking rules and zones indicated.

Article 3: Entrance and Membership requirements

  1. All visitors must be aged 21 or older.
  2. Visitors must be in possession of a valid legal identity document (with photo), such as a passport, ID card or driving license, made out in the name of the holder and not transferable. The casino is required by law to register each person with his/her valid personal identity document; in case of violation of this law we are obliged to notify the authorities.
  3. On presentation of a valid identity document a membership card is prepared for the visitor to enter the casino.
  4. The membership card gives only the right of access to the gaming areas of the casino during opening hours and is valid exclusively on the playing day or in the period stated on the visitors’ card and/or in the visitor registration system.
  5. Each time the visitor enters the gaming areas, the membership card must be presented to the authorized staff members. During their stay in the gaming areas, visitors are further obliged, on first request by the authorized staff member, to show their membership card again and to identify themselves if required.
  6. Membership cards are strictly personal and under no circumstances transferable; if not used correctly the membership card can be withdrawn.
  7. It is a condition of entry that the card holder agrees to abide by the membership agreement.
  8. The membership card of Grand Casino Brussels - Viage is exclusively valid at Grand Casino Brussels. Grand Casino Brussels refuses to accept any liability in the event of damage suffered due to the abuse or loss of the card. Grand Casino Brussels management may withdraw the membership card without giving any justification.

Article 4: Dress Code

  1. Guests must observe the smart casual dress code upon entering the casino.
  2. Clothing and footwear should be neat, clean, smart and inoffensive. Guests are requested not to wear shorts above the knee, tracksuits or sleeveless or cropped T-shirts.
  3. A decision whether appearance is suitable will be made on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of management.
  4. Any item which fully or partially conceals facial features is not permitted – this includes masks, hoods, brimmed hats or caps, sunglasses and face veils.
  5. Coats and heavy or bulky jackets are strictly prohibited in the gaming areas and may be kept in the cloakroom near reception (at a small charge).
  6. Bags, backpacks, purses and cases are subject to search. Large bags are strictly prohibited in the gaming areas and may be kept in the cloakroom near reception (at a small charge). We do not accept bags larger than a typical airline cabin bag (maximum 55cm x 45cm x 25cm, or 125 linear cm).
  7. The casino does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any items kept in the cloakroom.
  8. No firearms or other weapons are allowed to be carried into any area of the building.

Article 5: Game Security

  1. Visitors to the gaming area are not allowed to:
    1. make use of mechanical, electrical or electronic devices, such as smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, media players or headphones (hereafter known as “devices”) in the immediate vicinity of the live gaming tables or electronic gaming machines, including when occupying a seat or standing by the gaming tables or machines.
    2. make notes at gaming tables where card games are played, in connection with the game in question, with the exception of the game (Mini/Midi) Punto Banco, provided that such notes concern “punto”, “banco” or “egalité”
    3. offer or provide commercial professional mediation in participation in casino games, or to offer money or items with monetary value to the other visitors
  1. Management reserves the right to limit or restrict the use of ALL devices within the casino area including but not limited to: video recording devices, cameras, camera phones, mobile phones, intelligent glasses, tablets, computers, smartphones etc.

Article 6: Special gaming areas

  1. Access may be allowed to the separate section of the gaming area where casino games are offered with higher stakes than in the other gaming areas, for as long as the visitor participates in the game, or when authorized by casino staff.
  2. The casino can arrange separate areas in a gaming room that are indicated for special events, group visits and for visitors who – on invitation of the casino staff – are offered the opportunity to become familiar with casino games and slot machines.

Article 7: Seating

Seats at the gaming tables and slot machines are reserved for visitors participating in the game. The casino may require a visitor to give up a seat if that visitor is not in fact substantially participating in the game.

Article 8: Denial of entry

Grand Casino Brussels - Viage may deny access to the gaming areas, or all other areas under Grand Casino Brussels - Viage’s responsibility, to any person who:

  1. in the opinion of Grand Casino Brussels - Viage, conveys the impression that they might disturb the order and peace or might prevent a fair and honest game;
  1. has requested a ban from entering the premises;
  2. has violated the membership agreement or the Gaming Rules, or conveys the impression that they would disregard those rules;
  3. has already been banned from entering the premises on account of violation of the terms of the membership agreement and that ban has not yet expired;
  4. is in a category of clients excluded by the Belgian Gaming Commission;
  5. shows lack of respect and/or is rude and/or aggressive against other clients and/or any staff members;
  6. fraudulently uses another guest’s card or privileges, or uses or takes something that does not belong to them;
  7. indicates an over-consumption of alcohol or the use of controlled/illegal substances;
  8. has a history of loitering ;

*This list is not exhaustive

Article 9: Exclusion

All excluded persons will be included in an internal file that is only accessible by Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE and that is only used to manage the access control.

  1. Visitors must comply with the membership agreement.
  2. If they do not comply with the membership agreement, visitors may be asked to leave the casino.
  3. Access to the casino can be refused for a certain period of time.
  4. A limited access may be imposed after consultation.
  5. An excluded person who wants access to the casino must submit a written formal request to the management of Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE.

In the event of exclusion or withdrawal of the membership card, personal data are recorded in a file, stored and processed by the casino for the justified purpose of combating infringements as well as the protection of the clientele and the company.

The data that will be included in this file are the name-first name-birthdate-reason of exclusion-date and duration of exclusion.

These data are communicated to the casinos affiliated with the Grouping of the Belgian Casinos (being Blankenberge-Middelkerke-Ostend-Knokke-Namur-Dinant-Chaudfontaine-Spa) which include these in a file that they store and process for the same purpose.

Article 10: Excluded Persons Information System (EPIS)

Grand Casino Brussels - Viage admits no responsibility in the case of EPIS (Excluded Persons Information System) of the Belgian Gaming Commission being off line and excluded patrons gaining illicit entry. Should a person take advantage of the EPIS being offline and gain entry, they will be asked to vacate the premises immediately, and the Belgian Gaming Commission shall be informed.

Article 11: Data privacy

In order to fulfill all its legal obligations Grand Casino Brussels - Viage may use your personal data.

Grand Casino Brussels – Viage may also use your personal data for business purposes and business analytics when you give permission at the end of this agreement.

During your visit at the casino , Viage might take pictures or videos for promotional purposes.

Your personal data will not be shared with third parties, only with processors that have a processor contract with Grand Casino Brussels - Viage. The processing of your data is governed in accordance with the GDPR.

Article 12: Disclaimer

The management of Grand Casino Brussels - Viage reserves the right to make changes to the membership agreement  which will be noticed clearly at the entrance of the casino during 30 days following the changes.