Have you always been curious about this exiting dance we call Salsa? Don’t hesitate to read on because VIAGE has gathered some good tips for you! And the good part is: you don’t have to go all the way to Cuba to learn how to dance the Salsa. We’re glad to show you the steps on our dance floor the 28th of April! Are you ready to take the lead and become the salsa expert of Brussels?


Speak to any random person on the street and ask them to choose a number between 1 and 10. The likelihood is that you will be told 7 as a response. Why? Because 7 is a lucky number across the world. At Viage above all it means: party!


An evening out with friends? Then Brussels is the place to be. Have a pint at the bar with friends. Relax over a nice dinner with a sweetheart or mate. Dive into the nightlife complete with beat and electro. Move over, New York!

Hundreds of different beers

Drink in the spirit of Brussels in its pubs and bars. Where the owner has been running the business since forever and time has stood still. Where you can hear the Brussels dialect and the decibels rise noticeably as the evening wears on. Wander around the picturesque streets of the capital, discover some real gems and quench your thirst now and then with one of the hundreds of tasty beers.

Tip: in 2016 UNESCO recognised the Belgian beer culture as World Heritage.

Tuck into a good meal

Prefer a gastronomic meal to hanging around at the bar? Reserve a table at one of the many restaurants. Brussels offers you a culinary tour of the whole world. Challenge your taste buds with spicy Indian dishes, eat Ethiopian with your hands or juggle with chopsticks in an Asian restaurant. And if you’re peckish late at night, stop for a quick portion of Belgian fries and mayonnaise.

Dance, dance, dance

Dance to the beat of international DJs in Brussels’ clubs and discos. See global stars perform live.   Brussels rocks and so will you. It’s party time wherever you go.

Bar, restaurant and club in one

Don’t feel like trekking all over the city? Experience it all at Viage. Tuck into Italian, Asian and typical Belgian dishes at our Saffron Restaurant. Drink to a great evening with your friends at our Cinna-Bar. And be sure to try some of our flavourful Brussels beers: blonde Zinnebir, rich Brusseleir, tripel Jambe-de-Bois and the pale ale Taras Boulba.

At Viage you’ll enjoy live performances every last Friday of the month. On 31 March The Covrettes will get you up and dancing to their very own modern retro versions of the world’s greatest hits. See you then!

There is more to life than just working and performing. That is why we are celebrating the International Day of Happiness on 20 March. With this day, the United Nations wants to remind us of our well-being and happiness. So, what do you need to spend your day radiantly?


On 17 March the world is painted green. Because that is Saint Patrick’s Day: Ireland’s national holiday. With parades and celebrations, the Irish all over the world commemorate the death of their patron saint Patricius, who spread Christianity on the island in the fifth century A.D.

What ingredients do I need to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in style?



  1. Cloverleaf

The shamrock or three-leafed clover is the unofficial symbol of Ireland. According to the legend, Saint Patrick used the plant to provide a simple explanation of the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. On Saint Patrick’s Day, revellers wear the lucky charm on their clothing. Tradition also dictates that you must regularly water the cloverleaf – drowning the shamrock – by baptising it in your glass of beer or whiskey before you drink it.

  1. Fifty shades of green

On 17 March the Irish dress in green, greener, greenest. With reference to the colour of the cloverleaf. Monuments, dishes and drinks are also coloured green for a day.

  1. Guinness and Irish whiskey

The Irish symbol is of course Guinness, a dark stout with a creamy head. The beer is still brewed in Dublin according to Arthur Guinness’ original recipe, with water, barley, hops and yeast. And for anyone who is not a fan of beer, they are sure to find something to their liking in the range of Irish whiskey.

  1. A few words in Irish

The two official languages in Ireland are English and Irish or Gaelic. Hiberno-English mixes the two. Saint Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity for learning some handy Irish expressions:

  • Sláinte: cheers
  • Erin go bragh: Ireland forever
  • Dha Guinness le do thoil: two Guinness, please
  1. The perfect location

Where can you sample the Irish green folk festival? At Viage, of course! Come to the Cinna-Bar on Friday, 17 March and celebrate Paddy’s Day with us.

Open from 12 pm with a happy hour at 5 pm.

Before you enter into the green revelry, a few interesting facts:

  • The harp, not the cloverleaf, is the official symbol of Ireland.
  • The patron saint, Saint Patrick, was not Irish but Welsh or Scottish.
  • The colour of Saint Patrick’s Day was originally blue, not green.

Beannachtaí Lá Fhéile Phádraig daoibh go léir!*

* Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!