Do you want to wrap up 2017 in style?  The only right way to do just that, would be an unforgettable party. A casino is the perfect setting to spend New Year’s Eve with friends. You are guaranteed to have plenty of fun and you can go all in at the casino tables and on the dance floor. Let’s party!

An evening out with friends? Then Brussels is the place to be. Have a pint at the bar with friends. Relax over a nice dinner with a sweetheart or mate. Dive into the nightlife complete with beat and electro. Move over, New York!

Hundreds of different beers

Drink in the spirit of Brussels in its pubs and bars. Where the owner has been running the business since forever and time has stood still. Where you can hear the Brussels dialect and the decibels rise noticeably as the evening wears on. Wander around the picturesque streets of the capital, discover some real gems and quench your thirst now and then with one of the hundreds of tasty beers.

Tip: in 2016 UNESCO recognised the Belgian beer culture as World Heritage.

Tuck into a good meal

Prefer a gastronomic meal to hanging around at the bar? Reserve a table at one of the many restaurants. Brussels offers you a culinary tour of the whole world. Challenge your taste buds with spicy Indian dishes, eat Ethiopian with your hands or juggle with chopsticks in an Asian restaurant. And if you’re peckish late at night, stop for a quick portion of Belgian fries and mayonnaise.

Dance, dance, dance

Dance to the beat of international DJs in Brussels’ clubs and discos. See global stars perform live.   Brussels rocks and so will you. It’s party time wherever you go.

Bar, restaurant and club in one

Don’t feel like trekking all over the city? Experience it all at Viage. Tuck into Italian, Asian and typical Belgian dishes at our Saffron Restaurant. Drink to a great evening with your friends at our Cinna-Bar. And be sure to try some of our flavourful Brussels beers: blonde Zinnebir, rich Brusseleir, tripel Jambe-de-Bois and the pale ale Taras Boulba.

At Viage you’ll enjoy live performances every last Friday of the month. On 31 March The Covrettes will get you up and dancing to their very own modern retro versions of the world’s greatest hits. See you then!

Be the boss!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 by

“Pretty woman, walking down the street” Perhaps one of the most famous sentences Roy Orbinson said about the female species. Although there is truth is his words, girls and women all over the world still experience prejudice and stereotype behavior. There’s evidence showing things are turning out for the better but we’re not there yet. The glass ceiling is still invisibly there; women still get paid less than their male colleagues and being a mother implies you are the responsible one for your family, not your husband. Luckily there are signs showing progress and there are a lot of powerful and brave women we can look up to.

It’s said the 21st century will be the time for women to take a leading role. Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Theresa May, Christine Lagarde and many more strong and influential women have the ball in their court and are willing to play. They show us it is possible to take care of a family and a career at the same time and that it is ok to show who the boss is. Being a female boss is still not taken for granted and several male rival candidates are having difficulties accepting a woman in a position of power. (Think Donald Trump) Have you heard about the term ‘mansplaining’? It’s growing in popularity these days and is expressed by women more often. Make sure to check the matching video for more information. ‘Mansplaining’ is a term which is used when a man talks to a woman in an arrogant tone because he assumes he know more about a certain subject because – well because he is a man and has more knowledge.

Back to Roy Orbinson and his Pretty Woman. The fashion industry makes is very difficult for the everyday woman to feel good about her body. Young girls look up to models having a size 4. On social media like Facebook and Instagram women like to profile themselves as real ‘fitness queens’ and proudly show off their toned bodies. No wonder the average girl like Hannah, Lore and Fatima cannot meet with these images. But it doesn’t stop there; even these fitness queens are not safe for stingy remarks. The word ‘bodyshaming’ truly is a millennium word and a lot of women have had to face the consequences of it. ‘Bodyshaming’ means women get mean comments about their bodies, which is not a new trend but has a new interpretation nowadays. Today you can – apart from fat –  be too big, too tiny, too small, etc. No one is safe for other people’s remarks. But no worries because something is shifting! This summer a lot of new hashtags have seen the light. One of them specifically encourages women to wear what they want and to be proud about it: #WeWearWhatWeWant

And it’s trend like these that should be encouraged even more. Just like those strong women before us, all of us should try and achieve our goals. Just wear that dress you like, even if you dread other people’s remarks. Dare to be the boss and do not feel guilty about it because you have every right to be! Go ahead and eat a piece of chocolate without feeling guilty. Take a fitness subscription if you want but do it for you and for no one else. Know you can be your own woman and make your own choices, even if that means being a housewife and spending a lot of time at home. Whatever you choose, be the boss of your life!

Grand Casino Brussel Viage wants to encourage all these brave women and show them a good time Thursday 22 September at our Business Ladies Afterwork. Join us after work for a refreshing drink and lots of interesting workshop and stands. Because what is more fun than spending an evening in good company?