Traditions are there to be kept. This is why Grand Casino Brussels Viage will once again be organising Viage Wonderland this year, albeit revamped. This year, the Viage winter wonder days are all about burlesque, better known as the art of seduction. Every Friday you can enjoy a stimulating burlesque show with live music and in the company of several very charming male and female Santas every Friday night. A merry Christmas indeed!

Live tunes & the art of the tease

Burlesque reached its peak in the Flying 40’s and the Fabulous 50’s, but has been achieving success again these past few years, among others, because of Dita Von Teese, the well-known American burlesque artist.

During Viage Wonderland you are fully submerged in the enchanting world of seduction, cabaret and humour, each time with a different touch. Curious about what to expect? Then drift off with the following words: dreamy sultry jazzy decadence, enticing red hair, cabaret in duet with burlesque and a ravishing glass of champagne that will certainly surprise you. All this is served especially for you on wonderful live music that will certainly warm you up.

All I want for X-mas

Ho ho ho… there obviously can be no Viage Wonderland without the necessary portion of Christmas & glamour. Decorated Christmas trees filled with shiny baubles, festive streamers, atmospheric lights and wonderful gifts. Yes, you’ve read this correctly: Viage will be handing out nine fantastic presents a day in a raffle with prizes with a total value of a whopping €7,000!

The presence of attractive male and female Santas is a free extra.

Viage in the spotlights

The casino will be in the spotlights till 6 January (Thursday to Sunday from 5 pm to 10 pm). On these days beautiful images will be projected on the building’s façade as part of the Brussels event ‘Winter Wonders’. During the 2 km winter walk you can admire the lightshow twice every hour. A fun activity for young and old.

Practical info Viage Wonderland

Where? Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE
When? Every Friday till 21 December from 9 pm tot 1 am. The “Alice in    Wonderland” burlesque show takes place on Saturday 1 December, Friday 7 and 14 December from 8 pm to 10 pm. The lightshow projected on the casino can be viewed twice an hour till 6 January, every Thursday to Sunday from 5 pm to 10 pm.

What can you expect?

  • Live music by Along Comes Mary, Black Elvis, Benny Blue and Sebi Lee
  • Entertainment by The Retronettes pin-up dancers, Santa Lady & Her Angel
  • Burlesque performances by Colette Collerette, Zoe Bizoe, Fay Loren and the cabaret & burlesque duet: Philou & Mamzelle Viviane
  • Wonderful prizes with a Christmas feel
  • Unique light spectacle at Grand Casino Brussels Viage (Winter Wonder Brussels)

Burlesque show in Wonderland

Wednesday, 28 November 2018 by

How about organising a great night out for your partner, friends or colleagues while the Winter King howls through the streets of Belgium? This is enough to give some would-be party planners the creeps.  And we can’t blame them. A perfunctory drink on a chilly terrace won’t warm the cockles of anyone’s heart. Let alone a boring city hike at 6 degrees below zero. And if your friend has to visit an Escape Room one more time, your relationship status might really be reaching freezing point. Sounds familiar? Aha, then pop in at VIAGE on 1, 7 or 14 December at 20:00. There, we will present you with all the ingredients for an evening you won’t forget any time soon: a superb burlesque show, over-the-top costumes, fully catered meals and unique décor in the enchanting Viage Theatre.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland: Everyone knows the story! This iconic fairy tale, written by Lewis Carroll, has spoken to the imagination worldwide since 1865. Walt Disney created his own cinematic interpretation of the book, music lovers have appreciated the wondrous spectacle on international stages, and they even presented the piece with primal enthusiasm in circusses. However, we would not be VIAGE if we did not present the extraordinary story of Alice the blonde, The Mad Hatter, Tweedledee and Tweedledum in our own, special way. So let’s turn our amazing theatre space into a true entertainment paradise. We do this under the guidance of the artistic burlesque production by Morganne Viennet and Caroline Venturini‘s beautiful tailored costumes.

What is burlesque?

When the word burlesque is mentioned, one immediately envision dancing soiree-artists, caricature, teasing characters and of course, glamorous outfits that cover just enough. But above all, many forget that a burlesque act presents the public with humour, irony, catchy music and a spectacular event. Crossed legs, knee twisting, exaggerated gestures with the legs, feet, hands and arms. No wonder you as a spectator can barely sit still. And that’s also the intention: etiquette requires you to encourage the performers and cheer loudly at everything they do. Lubricate your throat well with one of our home-made cocktails and let it all out!

Food, drinks & fun

With our burlesque show, we once again prove that VIAGE is much more than just a casino paradise, especially in the festive month of December. Because after rummaging around one of the loveliest Christmas markets in Europe (read: Brussels Winter Wonders), VIAGE is the perfect place to warm up properly with your friends, partner or colleagues. Right in the heart of Brussels. In addition to the entertainment of our burlesque act, we present you with a special three-course menu and various animation performers. Fancy posing on the photo with one of the main characters after the show? Lolly Wish, Miss Glitter Painkiller, les soeurs papilles await you at our photo booth: obviously in their most seductive pose.

Need to know which tickets are still available for the VIAGE Alice in Wonderland show? Check out the ticket overview. When buying more tickets collectively, you also take advantage of a nice discount and delightful extra benefits.

Our formulas

  • Formula 1: 45 euros
    • Three-course menu
    • Ticket to Burlesque show in Wonderland
  • Formula 2: 20 euros per person
    • 20 tickets
    • Ticket to Burlesque show in Wonderland
  • Formula 3: 75 euros per person:
    • 20 tickets
    • Menu on request
    • Ticket to Burlesque show in Wonderland
    • Open bar

Hoedenmaker KonijnBurlesque Brussels

Viage in Wonderland

Feeling lucky lately? Then make sure you keep your diary free from 6 to 11 November as the World Poker Tour DeepStacks festival is descending on our Grand Casino Brussels for the sixth time running. The Greek Ioannis Angelou-Konstas was victorious at the successful spring edition in March. He walked away with an impressive €75,000. Talk about a winning hand!

The autumn edition of WPT DeepStacks will take no less than six days. Just under a week of healthy excitement, bluffing, tactics and a bunch of winning aces. Let’s see what’s on the agenda:

A good start is half the job done

Would you like to warm up first and perfect your poker face before starting the real work? This can be done at the €400 buy-in WPT DeepStacks Opener. An unlimited number of entries are allowed at this first event and you begin with a stack of 25,000 in chips. The opener is divided over three days, always in blind levels of half an hour, with two start flights: Day 1A on 6 November and Day 1B on 7 November. The final is then played on 8 November.

The real deal

Are you all warmed up and have you sufficiently sniffed up the poker festival’s atmosphere? Then it’s time for the real work: the €1200 WPT DeepStacks Main event from 8 to 11 November. This is what it’s all about! The tournament has two start flights, each with blind levels of 40 minutes and one re-entry per starting day. The final has blind levels of 60 minutes. Good to know: you begin the Main event with 30,000 in chips.

Raising the stakes

Running hot? Then you may feel like raising the stakes (and the excitement) a little at the €2200 High Rollers event on 10 and 11 November. Play with the big boys for the big bucks. The tournament starts on Saturday 10 November at 6 pm so players who get stuck on the final of the Main event can give it another try.  You begin with 50,000 in chips in blind levels of 40 minutes. This event has an unlimited number of re-entries.

“This is a man’s world but…

It wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman”. James Brown was absolutely right. Poker still bears the label as being mainly for men, but these past few years more and more women are taking part in poker tournaments and this should be encouraged. This is why there will be a €60 buy-in Ladies event on 9 November at the WPT DeepStacks Brussels. It concerns a freezeout poker tournament with levels of 20 minutes. So if you are a woman with an incredible poker face and mad poker skills then take your chance at this Ladies event!

Don’t miss our live satellites every Monday and Wednesday throughout October and try your chance to win a Main Event Ticket.

For more info and tickets:


  • 6 – 8/11 WPT DeepStacks Opener
  • 8 – 11/11 WPT DeepStacks Main event
  • 9/11 WPT DeepStacks Ladies event
  • 10 – 11/11 WPT DeepStacks High Roller event
















Organizing a fun team building can be quite the challenge for your company. Because be honest, no one on your team likes boring activities like mini golf or awkward assignments in style of “let’s do the haka all together”. And going for a serious workshop “Becoming an efficient leader”, will not make you popular on the work floor. But what CAN you do to ensure a fun time? VIAGE makes it very easy with these four original team activities.


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Is going out with friends always the highlight of your week? Then you should definitely give Brussels a try. It has everything you need to spend an evening filled with entertainment. Discover our tips and make the next night out with your friends another one to remember!

If you are looking for that typical, over-the-top Las Vegas atmosphere, look no further! Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE provides pleasure and relaxation just like any other casino in Sin City. Set against a cinematic backdrop, at that! Choose one of our many games and place your bet.