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Aleksandre Maisuradze had a great run in this event. It all ended on a board. Ricardo Manquant went all-in and the player from Georgia made the call. He showed but his flush was no good against the of Manquant. Fourth place netted Aleksandre Maisuradze €31.000. Aleksandre Maisuradze – Exit

Ricardo Manquant just showed a power play you don’t see everyday. Manquant opened it up UTG tot 110.000, followed by a threebet by Pieyrre Maggi to 325.000 from the BTN. SB Adrian Garcia Galipienso then reraised to 625.000. Aleksandre Maisuradze folded from the BB. When the action came back to Manquant, he just shoved all-in putting his

Pieyre Maggi escaped preflop all-in for twenty big blinds with . Ricardo Manquant went for the knock-out with but an appeared to keek Maggi alive with some magic. Pieyre Maggi – 2.100.000 Ricardo Manquant – 2.400.000

Georgia’s Aleksandre Maisuradze was the shortstack, but managed to double up twice, just before and just after the break. Both times it was Spain’s Adrian Garcia Galipienso who provided the double for Maisuradze. The first time Maisuradze won with  versus  of Garcia Galipienso on board . In the second hand, Maisuradze had Garcia Galipienso dominated with  versus  and scored

The last four players are on a short 15 minute break. Below are the chipcounts, as we head into level 28 (25.000/50.000, ante 5.000). Adrian Garcia Galipienso – 4.100.000 Ricardo Manquant – 3.100.000 Pieyre Maggi – 1.100.000 Aleksandre Maisuradze – 520.000

Adrian Garcia Galipienso is absolutely steamrolling this final table. He just took out his fourth player at the final table. The money went in on flop , with Paul McLoughlin being at risk with the open ended straightdraw with . Garcia Galipienso had a monster this time, , and McLoughlin needed to hit his draw to stay

Dutch player Marc Janssen couldn’t win the flip for his tournament life and has been eliminated. He went all-in preflop from the SB for 675.000, after Ricardo Manquant had raised it up from the BTN. Manquant called to put Janssen at risk. Janssen: Manquant: The flop  was a disaster for Janssen, who ran out of

Julien Sitbon has been eliminated in a hand that lasted a quarter of an hour and resulted in Adrian Garcia Galipienso taking over the chiplead. Preflop Julien Sitbon opened it up from the cutoff to 70.000 and from the big blind Adrian Garcia Galipienso came along. Flop  Garcia checkcalled a bet of 65.000 from Sitbon. Turn  Garcia

It was bound to happen for Georgian Zurab Beradze, since he was hanging in there with only 6BB. He finally  got them in with  and was in reasonable shape against Adrian Garcia Galipiensos . Flop  was not bad for Beradze, giving him the open ended straight draw and the better flushdraw. Turn  and river  were not the cards

Shortstack Paul McLoughlin moved all-in for 210.000 after a raise of chipleader Ricardo Manquant. Manquant was priced in and made the call. McLoughlin:  Manquant:  Board  produced a set as well as a sweat for McLoughlin, but river  was harmless for him. Paul McLouhglin – 490.000 Ricardo Manquant – 2.300.000