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7 poker tips for beginners

Tuesday, 15 December 2020 by

Fancy an evening of fun & games in the heart of Brussels? Then we are happy to welcome you to Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE. The frequent visitors amongst you will definitely know their way around our poker tables, but we’d like to take this opportunity to guide our first timers the best way we can.


Have you always wanted to try out your pokerface at a real pokergame? Or do roulette or blackjack appeal to your imagination but you never dared to enter a casino? Then it’s definitely time to take a gamble at Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE. Because we don’t just welcome highrollers and aces in our casino, we

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Once upon a time ….

Monday, 09 March 2020 by

‘Once upon a time there was…’ is how many fairy tales begin. This particular fairy tale begins, ‘once upon a time there was not’. Once upon a time there was not a casino in Brussels. But ‘Casinos Austria International’ wanted to do something about it. The chronicle of how a genuine all-in-one entertainment centre came

Pieyre Maggi has kept the title in Belgium! In a fast and furious heads up he mangaed to defeat Ricardo Manquant and grab the WSOP ring! It all went in preflop in the deciding hand with Manquant behind playing    against the   from Maggi. The board didn’t gave Manquant enough help, running out . Manquant had to

The tables have turned as Pieyre Maggi just doubled up into the chiplead. Maggi threebet preflop from 135.000 to 355.000 and Ricardo Manquant made the call. Flop    Maggi checked and Marquant fired 400.000. Maggi then went all-in for at about 3 miljoen! Marquant shrugged and made the call. Maggi     Marquant   Straight away

After seeing Ricardo Manquant take most of the pots heads-up with his agressive play, Pieyre Maggi just managed to score a double. Maggi bet 150.000 on flop , after which Manquant jammed all-in. Maggi called right away with  and was in good shape against  of Manquant. Turn  and river  could not prevent Maggi from doubling and so

Ricardo Manquant – 6.800.000 Pieyre Maggi – 2.000.000

Adrian Garcia Galipienso from Spain was crushing the final table, busting not less than four players. But then Frenchman Ricardo Manquant decided to do something about it. Manquant took over the chiplead and was bullying the table like Garcia Galipienso did before. Eventually to lead to the elimination of the Spaniard. Garcia Galipienso went all-in for 620.000

Aleksandre Maisuradze had a great run in this event. It all ended on a board. Ricardo Manquant went all-in and the player from Georgia made the call. He showed but his flush was no good against the of Manquant. Fourth place netted Aleksandre Maisuradze €31.000. Aleksandre Maisuradze – Exit