Welcome to grand casino brussels viage

Dear player, dear event organizer, dear partner, dear employee, dear all,

VIAGE, like everyone else, is extremely concerned about the current health crisis that is affecting everyone in one way or another. Everyone is involved, no one escapes.

Why do we still want to entertain online?

Of course, we are not a vital service. Today's heroes work in the healthcare sector, in waste collection, utilities, food stores, transport, etc. We have deep respect for all these people.

In addition, the government has called for the economic activity to be maintained as much as possible in compliance with all the rules concerning travel, working from home, keeping a distance, hand hygiene, .... Unfortunately, our sector is so severely restricted that only a fraction of the 250 people who normally work within VIAGE can continue to work. Not only our own people are affected by these restrictions, but also many employees of our suppliers, such as food and beverage suppliers, cleaning teams, technicians, artists,....

VIAGE stands for fun, for playing. For the health of our mind a person also needs relaxation, sports and games. Unfortunately, we are temporarily unable to take care of this within our complex. But that doesn't mean we can't do anything anymore.

To make the wait more tolerable we will maintain an online presence, bringing you news, stories, tips and tricks.

We will continue to work to be able to return to Brussels in the long term, once this massive health crisis is under control.

Ten years ago, we opened our doors on Boulevard Anspach with the aim of becoming the entertainment centre of Brussels. We still have that goal. In anticipation of the day when we will be able to welcome everyone back with open arms, here we look back on what was, what is and what is yet to come.

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Welcome to our renewed restaurant to enjoy delicious quality dishes grilled to perfection on an authentic Australian grill of 360°. Smoked, roasted or grilled, VIAGE Grill serves you a true culinary experience in the heart of Brussels!

VIAGE exists 10 years and we can't let that pass without an unforgettable party, say extravaganza! We have a lot in store for you and we certainly want you, our loyal visitor, to join us. As soon as we are allowed again to be together, we will send you our invitation. Meanwhile, stay safe & stay home.

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The Player First

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Rien ne va plus

Wednesday, 13 May 2020 by

“Faites vos jeux”, is the sound you hear at the roulette table when players spread their chips over the numbers and colours and the wheel starts spinning. Moments later, when the croupier says “rien ne va plus”, all eyes turn to follow the little white ball. Win or lose, fate decides. Roulette, French for ‘small