WPTDS ME : Cauchemar tricolore

19:05 - Saturday, 10 March 2018 by

Mauvaise passe pour les Français puisque le tenant du titre Laurent Polito n’est plus dans le coup.

Laurent a précédé Vincent Londez et Nicolas Faure de quelques secondes dans le rail.

Davor Anticevic a lui aussi quitté ses camarades, tout comme le Néerlandais Albert Hoekendijk et l’Américain Maxime Broyer.

Ils ne sont donc plus que 40 en lice dans le Main Event alors qu’il ne reste plus que 33 minutes dans le niveau 2500 – 5000 (500). Le floor vient de demander aux croupiers d’annoncer les tapis quand ils sont payés.

Après une ouverture, Barry Gallo (photo) 3-bet à 23 000 jetons du bouton. Fred Leonetti porte alors les enchères à 60 000 jetons en petite blinde et provoque un fold du relanceur initial.

L’ancien responsable du Casino Viage entre dans le tank et se fait timer. Il call quelques secondes avant que sa main ne soit brûler pour découvrir un flop 2sQh 9h.

Fred Leonetti pousse son tapis et son adversaire jette rapidement, préférant se garder 70 000 jetons derrière.

Le Français grimpe lui à 400 000 jetons.

S16 WPTDS Brussels

Morten Mortensen aura joué moins d’un level dans ce Jour 2 du High Roller WPT DeepStacks Brussels.

Dernier enregistré du tournoi, le Danois s’incline avec Jh Jc contre Ks Kc chez Matthias De Meulder pour un pot de 35 blindes.

Le Belge grimpe à 220 000 jetons à l’issue de ce coup.

Il reste moins de 10 minutes de jeu dans ce premier niveau de la journée, il y aura ensuite un rapide chiprace et les blindes passeront à 1500 – 3000 (500).

After a long final table of almost 10 hours, it was Italian Sergio Castellucio who eventually could be crowned WPT National Brussel Main Event champion. For his victory he collected a whopping €105.000, the WPT trophy and a ticket for a European WPT Main event of choice (worth €3.300) in 2017. Heads-up Castellucio beat Greek Dimitrios Kalaroutis, where the winning hand was Ad9s.


In total there were 489 entries this edition, combined days 1A, 1B & 1C. That was a new record. the old record of 457 entries was well surpassed.

Final Table
The finale table started today at 2:30pm already, with Czech Michal Mrakes being the chipleader. He eventually finished in third place. Beneath you will find the line-up at the start of the final table.

1Dimitrios Kalaroutis771.000
2Osman Ihlamur2.409.000
3Michal Mrakes3.980.000
4Jose Astima2.417.000
5Victor Choupeaux1.426.000
6Matthew Roberts235.000
7Koen Lauwereys373.000
8Sergio Castellucio2.380.000
9Slaven Popov657.000


In total there were 55 players in the money. Beneath you will find all the payouts of the Main event.

1Sergio CastellucioIT105,000.00
2Dimitrios KalaroutisGR73,515.00
3Michal MrakesCZ46,220.00
4Slaven PopovBU34,500.00
5Osman IhlamurTR26,140.00
6Victor ChoupeauxFR21,025.00
7Jose AstimaFR17,430.00
8Koen LauwereysBE13,880.00
9Matthew RobertsUK10,500.00
10Ronaldas PoskusLT7,565.00
11Sam Polo RivaBE7,565.00
12Martin MulsowDE7,565.00
13Cecile TicherfatineFR6,260.00
14Mohamed MamouniFR6,260.00
15Younes El BoujdainiFR6,260.00
16Sander van Wesemael NL5,270.00
17Stephane GabarreFR5,270.00
18Sarah HerzaliFR5,270.00
19Bert GeensBE4,695.00
20Frederic Hebette BE4,695.00
21Alexis IbarrolaFR4,695.00
22Gianluca BucchinoIT4,225.00
23Yoan ArgenceFR4,225.00
24Bassel ZebibFR4,225.00
25Vincent GabelBE3,700.00
26Mohamed BakkalNL3,700.00
27Stephane DossettoFR3,700.00
28Do TranDE3,230.00
29Vincent VerdicktBE3,230.00
30Eddy CarelFR3,230.00
31David DebueFR3,230.00
32Latif El AzzimaniFR3,230.00
33Olivier JarnyLU3,230.00
34Gregoire FighterFR3,230.00
35Greg RoitbourdFR3,230.00
36Alexandrios PapadopoulosGR3,230.00
37Francois Del Peso ManceboBE2,815.00
38Sandro PitzantiNL2,815.00
39Jean-Philippe SchoonbroodNL2,815.00
40Matthias de ClercqBE2,815.00
41Nicolas GuignierBE2,815.00
42Philipp FohrFR2,815.00
43Farid ChatiNL2,815.00
44Michael SassenNL2,815.00
45Carlos Lopes Da SilvaFR2,815.00
46Mathieu SelidesFR2,400.00
47Albert HoekendijkNL2,400.00
48Dore HajjarFR2,400.00
49Georges ChehadeFR2,400.00
50Wouter BeltzNL2,400.00
51Jeremy StahliUK2,400.00
52Christophe PommierFR2,400.00
53Jonas ten CateNL2,400.00
54Sebastien TaFR2,400.00
55Jasper van VlasselaerBE2,400.00
TOTAL PAYOUT:521,760.00

WSOP Circuit
The next poker event here at Grand Casino Brussels Viage wille be the WSOP Circuit event, taking place from May 19 through May 28.


WPT National Brussels, Main Event – Day 2

2:04 - Sunday, 26 February 2017 by

Of the 145 players who started the day, only 15 survived. they will be back tomorrow at 1pm for Day 3.

Chipleader is Michal Mrakes from the Czech Republic, who seemed unable to lose a pot today and busted player after player.


The redraw for the final two tables has already taken place. Below you will find the draw, with all the players names and chipcounts.

51Ronaldas Poskus924.000
52Martin Mulsow283.000
53Michal Mrakes3.298.000
54Younes El Boujdaini576.000
55Victor Choupeaux980.000
56Sergio Castellucio1.182.000
57Cecile Ticherfatine378.000
58Dimitrios Kalaroutis1.210.000
61Slaven Popov745.000
62Jose Astima2.107.000
63Matthew Roberts678.000
64Mohamed Mamouni213.000
65Osman Ihlamur1.290.000
66Koen Lauwereys525.000
67Sam Polo Riva450.000

Also, below is the ranking based on chipcount.

Sergio Castellucio14.670.000
Dimitrios Kalaroutis0
Michal Mrakes0
Slaven Popov0
Osman Ihlamur0
Victor Choupeaux0
Jose Astima0
Younes El Boujdaini0
Matthew Roberts0
Ronaldas Poskus0
Sam Polo Riva0
Martin Mulsow0
Cecile Ticherfatine0
Mohamed Mamouni0
Koen Lauwereys0

WPT National Brussels, Main Event – Day 1B

0:48 - Saturday, 25 February 2017 by

Day 1B is a wrap. In this flight we counted 252 entries, of which 78 players survived into Day 2.

Together with the 163 entries of Day 1A and the 74 entries of Day 1C, that brings us a whopping total of 489 entries!

Convincing chipleader of Day 1B was the Turk Osman Ihlamur (picture) with 514.600. He has almost double the stack of his ‘close’ chasers Felix Schulze (284.900) and Llani Albano (249.600).


Tomorrow at 2pm Day 2 will start.

Osman Ihlamur514.600
Felix Schulze284.900
Llani Albano249.600
Eddy Carel238.500
Albert Hoekendijk223.300
Nico Koop212.300
Sonay Kehya196.700
Selim Turkyumur195.200
Hakim Hadj Belgacen183.500
Sami Daassi159.500
Beniza Belkalem158.000
Florian Dimitri Dutl150.400
Anthony Chimkovitch145.000
Thierry Mangot143.600
David Debue142.700
Michel Abecassis137.800
Jeremie Sarda135.900
Nicolas Goignier127.500
Karim Alleg127.100
Samy Salah125.000
Sam Polo Riva122.500
Sebastien Ta121.100
Mauria Couet120.500
Mohamed Difallah114.800
Dimitrios Kalaroutis113.600
Tony Lefort110.000
Markus Kunhen107.000
Mohamed Mamouni105.600
Philipp Folin104.800
Jeremy Stahli104.600
Garry Hasson104.500
Jonas ten Cate95.000
Mateusz Borowski94.700
Michal Mrakes90.700
Bert Geens89.600
Wouter Beltz88.400
Jakob Madsen77.900
Jasper van Vlasselaer77.000
Sam Streicher72.700
Kasper Nielsen72.300
Jozsef Szabo69.700
Francois Del Peso Mancebo69.300
Pascal Rabany66.100
Martin Weieman65.900
Angelos Tovoularis63.100
Sandro Pitzanti63.000
Louis Linard62.900
Georges Chehade57.200
Gregoire Fighter55.600
Dmitrii Pavlenin54.800
Antonin Teisseire53.700
Younes El Boujoaini51.300
Thomas Petre50.500
Teddy Palermo49.800
Aleksandrs Golubevs45.100
Farid Chati45.100
Olivier Jarny44.800
Matthew Roberts42.900
Alon Koter42.100
Tim de Haas41.500
David van Roebroek41.400
Christophe Pommier41.400
Ricardo Graells40.600
Paul Testad39.000
Frank Wellens38.100
Robert Gill36.300
Romain Marin36.200
Fabien Barrav36.000
Lars Kamphues35.600
Victor Kast34.600
Ludovic Sultan33.000
Jer El Salsero30.400
Latif El Azzimani29.200
Pascal Vos27.400
Raoul Refos24.200
Leo Armino24.200
Silvano Erb21.600

WPT National Brussels, Main Event – Day 1A

2:00 - Friday, 24 February 2017 by

Day 1A is in the books. We got a grand total of 163 entries today, of which 41 players made it into Day 2. They will return Saturday at 2pm.

Chipleader is French Sarah Herzali (picture), she finished barely ahead of her fellow countryman Yoan Arghence.


Tomorrow  Day 1B will start at 2pm.

Sarah Herzali (FR)383.400
Yoan Arghence (FR)355.300
Sergio Castellucio (IT)209.900
Dimitrios Avdoulos202.500
Ronaldas Poskus190.700
Jung Chahn186.200
Giorgios Zisimopoulos 176.800
Hassar Dore169.100
Gianluca Bucchino (IT)168.000
Koen Lauwereys164.000
Aleksander Pakhorov161.600
Mohamed Samri132.600
Jean-Philippe Schoonbrood (NL)127.500
Jacob de Boer126.500
Frederic Hebette113.600
Dennis Bijen (NL)112.100
Cécile Ticherfatine (FR)105.600
Vincent Gabel104.200
Evangelos Narkozannes102.100
Vincent Londez97.600
Greg Roitbourd95.000
Djamel Duaret94.100
Giacomo Fundaro (IT)91.300
Salvatore Alessi91.100
Muto Katsuhiro87.600
Eric Scheidt85.200
Vlad Lache83.200
Mathieu Selides (FR)80.000
David Khan79.000
Stephane Gabarre78.600
Slaven Popov76.100
Hakim Chniyat70.000
Kenny Walgraef66.400
Vincent Verdickt66.300
Lucas Poskus 65.800
Sandro Gangi53.800
Michael Sassen (NL)52.600
Jens Hansen51.500
Kristof Debruycker46.300
Pieter Ram45.400
Farid Azarkan5.500
Isabel Baltazar (FR)0
Jallel Ammor (NL)0
Jonas ten Cate (NL)0
Jonathan Abdellatif0
Alexandre Reard (FR)0
Antoine Saout (FR)0
Arne Coulier0
Kuljinder Sidhu0
Leo Armino (NL)0
Llani Albano0
Arne Marinus0
Dave Kroon (NL)0
Michal Mrakes (CZ)0
Michel Abecassis (FR)0
Paul Gresel (NL)0
Pierre Neuville0
Ruddy Carpentier0
Dominique Terzian (FR)0
Sander van Wesemael (NL)0
Sandro Farina (NL)0
Dori Dakbash (IS)0
Sebastien Ta (FR)0
Erwann Pecheux (FR)0
Sigeri Sipido0
Tim de Haas (NL)0
Gilles Huet (FR)0
Wouter Beltz (NL)0
Guy Goossens0
Yohan Guilbert (FR)0
Zeus Post (NL)0