From Brussels with Love: Casino Royale

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 by

Remove your most stylish outfit from the closet because we are organising a Casino Royale event at VIAGE on 28 and 29 September. The theme? An entire weekend in the style of the iconic Double O Seven: James Bond. Music, drinks, dancing girls and an amusement arcade full of casino games. With us you put yourself in the shoes of the best-known British super spy and turn your evening into a real hit. Also feel like having a fun outing in Brussels with friends, family or colleagues? Drop by: You only Live Twice!

Everyone knows it: Brazil really knows how to part-ay. It’s the country of the biggest carnival, the catchy rhythms of the samba and the ice cold cocktails on the beach. With an important Independence Day coming up, these Latin Americans are preparing themselves for another legendary party. Would you like to be part of a spectacle like this but you don’t feel like booking a last minute flight across the Atlantic? Head down to VIAGE on  Saturday 8 September in the heart of Brussels and get the party started with our two Tomorrowland DJ’s during our Brazilian Night.


Have you always been curious about this exiting dance we call Salsa? Don’t hesitate to read on because VIAGE has gathered some good tips for you! And the good part is: you don’t have to go all the way to Cuba to learn how to dance the Salsa. We’re glad to show you the steps on our dance floor the 28th of April! Are you ready to take the lead and become the salsa expert of Brussels?